My name is Mauro C. Fileto, MBA. I work with Information Technology, and have studied Business and Strategy applied to the IT environment to create new products and solutions.

With desire and purpose of sharing information with people all over the globe, I have decided to start this portal publishing articles of problems or researches done daily at work, school, or just for fun at home. At CesarFileto.com you will have Information at your fingertips.

I believe information is power. Don´t know exactly where I heard that before, but the point is: the more you share, the more you learn, …and the more you learn, the more you realize you know nothing.

This gives me the drive to share what I continue learning while listening to what other people have to say, share, and teach.

I hope this humble initiative can be of any use for readers that search thru these pages.Mauro Cesar Fileto

Thanks for your interest.


Mauro C. Fileto, MBA

Check out my personal website at www.maurofileto.com

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