Disable SMTP Auth Require by IP in EXIM or EXIM4

Some time ago I was facing a problem while using an Anti-Spam system which was relaying messages to an Exim4 platform.

The relay was not working because the Exim4 platform was requiring SMTP Authentication in order to check addresses for delivery.

That said, I started investigating and found this clever solution.


Mauro C. Fileto

Mauro Cesar Fileto

You can create a file in /etc/ and add the IP addresses for whitelisting

After that, configure your ACL on EXIM4 (usually in /etc/exim4/update.exim4.conf) as in the picture.

That done, execute the following command in order to update Exim´s configuration (ie: sudo update-exim4.conf) and restart your exim4 server.

The IP addresses in the file will not be required Authentication to send or relay e-mails.


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